Cloudflare is adding a free VPN to its DNS resolver app, for your mobile connection better. Trending Information Trending Information

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Cloudflare is adding a free VPN to its DNS resolver app, for your mobile connection better. DNS App

Cloudflare, DNS

Now, You can get a free VPN.

Cloudflare is adding a DNS (free Domain Name System service) resolver app.

and adding a free VPN in DNS App, for mobile devices.

You can get high-speed mobile data speed with the help of DNS resolver app.

faster than your existing mobile network.

as well as even more privacy & while browsing the internet on your mobile. DNS doesn't encrypt your internet traffic.

You can get VPNs’ most attractive features, like blocking ads at the IP level.

Will people do comparisons? 


Will I retweet those when they make us look good? 


Prince said (CEO Matthew Prince),

“But we don’t expect to take a lot of users from them. We want the market to expand we want to be the biggest VPN in the world without taking a single user from any other provider.”
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Cloudflare, DNS

Warp con get the next step by encrypting your connection to CloudFlare's servers and,

to get reduce data use by caching and compressing content.

while Using VPN also masks all internet traffic on your phone, as well as the rest of your apps.


Cloudflare promises all users to keep all the privacy protections that were in place with DNS resolver app,

(Like- any identifiable information and your name or email address to sign-up)

and as well as The company promises never to sell your browsing data.

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Now you know, The VPN will operate on a freemium model, 

Allowing customers to upgrade to Warp+ for faster performance with a "low monthly fee."

While Warp isn't available to all users yet, 

then you can place your name on a waitlist in the app.

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