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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

First, look of the future of foldable iPhone pictures | Apple | Trending info

Future of Foldable iPhone

Foldable iPhone

Apple should launch a foldable iPhone, and examine the evidence that the company is already working on a folding iPhone screen.
Apple has patents relating to a foldable device and has apparently already secured provision of the foldable displays
But the apple company isn’t expected to unveil a folding iPhone until 2020 or maybe 2021...

All phone manufacturers Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Lenovo including Motorola all revealing plans to sell foldable phones in the near future.
It looks likely, although probably not as soon as the other smartphone companies introduce their folding handsets
In this article, we look at if Apple will launch a foldable iPhone.
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Foldable iPhone Pictures

Foldable iPhone
Foldable iPhone
Foldable iPhoneFoldable iPhone

foldable iPhone release date

when can you expect Apple to launch a foldable iPhone?

The earliest predictions are that Apple will launch a foldable phone in 2020. It could be even later than that.
A Korea Times source in July 2018 said that Apple is developing a foldable iPhone but it won’t be out before 2020, and possibly even later.
Some analysts have gone on record with their predictions that Apple will release a folding iPhone at some point in the future.
Apple is rarely the first to launch a product. 

The iPod wasn’t the first music player.

The iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone.

The iPad wasn’t the first tablet.

The Apple Watch wasn’t the first smartwatch. 

But Apple products tend to rise to the top of the field Apple’s strategy to be the best, not the first.
Earlier this week Apple revealed patents covering its plans for creating a folding iPhone
The illustrations show screen orientation, hinge design and structural integrity, and now Dutch industrial designer Roy Gilsing has fleshed them out.

Samsung’s much-anticipated Galaxy Fold was a disappointment to many.
And, Now Huawei blew audiences away with the Mate X, a folding smartphone which has a design very similar to Gilding's vision
Coincidentally, Apple is also expected to launch a punch hole iPhone.

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