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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Google Assistant now read news from google news story on the Android device

   Google Assistant now read news

Google Assistant now read

   Google released a new Google News app this running year Google I/O, its seen as Google Assistant shall be able to read google news app stories and news to you and you are close. and, Google announced millions of people have started using Google News app also seance the released of new features of the app, in this app Google Assistant to be able to read news and stories to you & your close. With all of the users now can be more influences about the news there is want to listen any time. also, you can ask a particular topic such as social, entertainment, sports or influence topics.
   It features work simple, ex- if you say like "hey google what's the breaking news" then google assistant will read all breaking news back to back from google news app. and also you can say "what's the trend on politics" and 'Hey Google what’s the latest news from NASA’ or ‘what new going on in Mumbai’? etc.
   Google assistants have always also been dependent upon handset and all the devices. this update works on all of the android mobiles and tablets, other Google Assistant-powered by smart handsets. the running time, this update is available only in the US country and company is planning to launch it on all in the world'.
Now, Google says "a new publisher tool to outline the important section of the news that will be read by the Assistant With new updates".
   also, the interesting feature of this Assistant will be store the name of the publication, suggests other articles, and can also send the link of the news to the phone.

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