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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Fortnite Content Update 5.30

Fortnite Content Update 5.30 

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Epic announced Fortnite Content Update 5.30 on August 28, 2018. PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile this update used on all platforms. And, its look like Battle Royal Game.
Fortnite Content Update 5.30 patch arrived a little later than usual last week, coming out on Thursday, August 23. Along with the aforementioned Score Royale mode, it introduced the Rift-to-Go to the game to have. activating it will warp you. and, other players who follow you to the portal to the air, follow you to skydive back down to the scattered around the island.
Fortnite Content Update 5.30 update was followed by some unusual changes to the individual game-map. Lightning also begins striking the ground during matches. These phenomena related larger than larger frequently until a larges, purple bolt struck the desert and left a mysterious cube in its wake. Tomato Town restaurant was replaced by an ancient pyramid called Tomato Temple. It remains unclear just what purpose the cube serves, but players have reported it has begun moving around the island.
Beyond tracking a new item, the Newsfeed confirms this is your last chance to take part in Fortnite is the most recent time mode, Score Royale. Unfollow, a typical game of Battle Royale, the object of Score are not to be the last player. but, to be the first to reach the designed the high score. During all of the rounds, you shall rack-up points by eliminating other players, open chests, and other loot all containers, and be collecting coins in all of the scattered around the island.

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